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Committed in life, professional at work – nobody can demand more.

  • Many functions and executive responsibilities in the Association of the Psychologists of Slovenia (Društvo Psihologov Slovenije) including the position of the vice-president (1984-1986), member of several committees of the Association, coauthor of the first Code of Psychological Ethics, Head of Professional Council of the Association (2004 to 2008).

  • Participated in the leading or executive role in several national and international scientific and professional  conferences and congresses including the presidency of the Alps Adria International Symposium (1993) and International Symposium of Culture and International Relations (1993).

  • Member of editorial board of scientific journals Studia Psychologica (2008-2014), Anthropos (from 1977, Chief Editor from 2002 to 2015), Psychological Horizons (1991 to 1996, Chief Editor from 1993 to 1995), School Field (1990 to 2002), Review for Psychology (Zagreb; 1974 to 1983) and others.

  • Cofounder of the Institute of Ethics and Values Jože Trontelj (2012) and member of the International Advisory Board of the IEV since its foundation in 2014.

  • Since 2017 member of the Slovenian National Committee of Medicine Ethics (one of the first National Committees of Ethics in the world).

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