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Study of psychology (1964-1968), Diplom of Psychology (1968), PhD (1976) all at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts and Sciences (Philosophical Faculty), University of Ljubljana.
Professional work as assistant (1970), assistant professor (1977), associate professor or docent (1981), full professor (1988), professor emeritus (2015) at the Department of psychology in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, University of Ljubljana.
Courses and lectures include introduction to psychology, personality, differential psychology, motivation and emotion, cognitive psychology and history of psychology.
Head of Department of psychology (1980-1982), vice-dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences (1984-1986), vice-rector of the University of Ljubljana (1996-1998).
Engaged in more than twenty basic research projects, mostly as the project (program group) leader or principal investigator.
Major research fields: personality psychology, values, individual differences, cognitive psychology, positive psychology, history of psychology; more specific: personality structure, well-being, values, symbolism, decision making.
About 200 scientific articles, 35 textbooks and scientific monographs.
Active participation in numerous national and international scientific conferences and congresses; coordinator or organizer of several national and international scientific congresses.
Mentor to more than 30 PhD and more than 40 MA Degree students.
Cofounder of the Institute of Ethics and Values Jože Trontelj (IEV) and the Institute of Personality Psychology.


My research has been focused on three most essential domains: first, the personality (for it represents the essence of human nature), then the values (for they represent the most important guidelines for our attitudes and behavior) and finally the well-being (for it represents the ultimate goal or end-state of our life).




Personality traits/dimensions; General Factor of Personality

1970 - 2014

University of Ljubljana

Lectures, courses, seminars, tutorials, workshops

Academic career

Scientific research, experiments, multivariate studies


Values; Ethics; Values - behaviour relations


Dimensions of wellbeing; Positive  psychology


Biological, evolutionary and neuroscientific psychology

Lectures on other universities





Main courses

Personality, Cognitive psychology, History of psychology (more)

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